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The Daily Digest

More movie reviews than you can shake a stick at

Daily Digest
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This is the official LiveJournal community of the Daily Digest (dailydigest.net). cleolinda (me) is the editor/webmaster of the site, and the mod here, and GOD as far as this community is concerned. Primarily we're going to use this for posting reader reviews, if you'd like to join and post some of your own, although I reserve the right to post other bits of Digest business as necessary (columns, etc.). DO NOT POST MOVIE NEWS HERE. If you have something you think should be on dailydigest.net, hop over to cleolinda and leave me a comment, or email me at the address above.

If you want to be added as a reviewer, read this entry and leave a comment saying that you'll follow the guidelines. When you join the community, I'll then approve you. Very easy.